“Grief and pain are like joy and peace”


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Yesterday I stumbled upon Glennon Doyle Melton’s first book “Carry On, Warrior”.
I’ve been wanting to read it for a while. And it has turned out to be one of those reads that is hard for me to put down.

Here is a passage (one of multiple) that struck me as important.


It reminded me of instances when wanting to comfort a friend amidst difficult emotions. I tend to feel somewhat helpless and awkward.

It also brought up memories of having been on the receiving end of well-meant attempts of comfort and how bereft I have felt, when in that moment of raw emotion, my counterpart, with all the best intentions, would somehow try to rationalize the pain (it does have it’s time and place but it is important to develop a feeling for WHEN the time is right, do you agree?). Of course I have been “guilty” of this as well. And there is no perfect way to handle a situation.

Trust your instincts.

It is super important for us to be given and to give ourselves the chance to really feel the emotions emerging from within ourselves, to let them express themselves (to an extent that is still “healthy”).

I presume one way of “training ourselves” to feel more comfortable with the discomfort of others is to first and foremost allow OURSELVES to FEEL and to VALIDATE our feelings. As I have come to understand, the capacity we have to be present with our own feelings correlates with our ability to be present with the feelings of others.  

Glennon also writes:

(…) Through our friend’s grief, we maintain in our hearts the hope that in the end, good will come of it. But we don’t say that to our friend. We let our friend discover that on her own. Hope is a door each one must open for herself.

Maybe we will be better “prepared”, keeping Glennon’s words in mind, the next time we are in the honor of sharing someone else’s raw feelings with them…

… What do you think?

Inspiration Through Shameless Self-promotion

mistakes are beautiful 1


It has been quite some time since my blog was laid to rest.
I decided to wake it up from its nap,
to see if we are still a good match  🙂


Nowadays, there are many people sharing their personal stories via the internet.

2 reasons for this that come to mind are

1 – the digital networks that we have access to have given us the opportunity to connect with so many more people at once than we ever have before,

2 – many subjects that were once tabu are now talked about more openly.

Feel invited to elaborate on those and/or add others in the comments!


Are you taking part in this movement of sharing your personal story online?
If so, what are the up and downsides that you’ve encountered?

I have often played with the thought of starting to blog about more personal subjects. Sharing intimate thoughts and having no idea who will be on the other end reading them can be scary, no!? For those of you, who are doing it anyway, has it been worth it?

No matter how many positive, negative, neutral, or whatever scenarios that one plays in front of their minds eye about what could happen, I guess, one can never truly find out until they have actually tried it, right!?


I have just started taking part in an intensive summer program at an institution dedicated to helping people improve cognitive weaknesses.
I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to take part in this program.
The first weeks were quite overwhelming.

Being far away from home, friends, and family, and to be here with a body, mind, and soul that have been experiencing chronic pain, depressive phases, stress symptoms, anxiety, etc. for several years is a challenge.

To get my mind off of the difficulties this situation is presenting me with, I spend some of my evenings watching videos from a young artist who shares her work on YouTube:
Shameless Maya.

Once upon a time, Maya embarked on a journey to shamelessly self-promote herself for an entire year. This self-experiment sent her on a wild journey to reach for her dreams by starting a YouTube channel, creating her own brand, launching a website, and eventually growing a business that enables her to make a living by doing the things she truly enjoyes while staying true to herself.
Fascinating!? I think so. But NOT easy breezy…

She had to pass through many trials.
She had a strong longing for a better life and kept on pushing through.

Maya talks about “the greats” – like many inspirational personalities of our time do – and how to utilize their stories as examples for inspiration in our own lives when we face challenges. Characters who never gave up. Figures who somehow had a drive to, no matter how much rejection, adversity, difficulties they faced, keep on persevering.

So let’s keep on persevering, and do it hand in hand!






Banana Spelt Pancakes

Hey there 🙂
Today I want to share with you a variation of a banana spelt pancake recipe from revolutionfromhome.com:


Over the Easter weekend, one of my dearest friends came to visit. We stumbled across this great breakfast recipe.

A piece of advice on the side: It makes it that much more fun to make these if you’ve got Jack Johnson’s song “Banana Pancakes” playing in the background :).

Our variation ended up being vegan and free of processed sugars but I will mention the original ingredients here as well.

This makes about 12 medium sized pancakes.

First, we combined all the dry ingredients in one bowl:
2 cups spelt flour (send those through a sift in case there’s clumps), 3 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt (orig. recipe calls for 1/2 tsp), 1/2 tsp vanilla powder (we also added ground cinnamon and cardamom).

Next, in a seperate bowl, we combined the wet ingredients:
1 medjoul date blended with a small amount of water, 2 “flax-eggs” (1 flax egg: 1 tbsp shredded flax combined with same amount of water, mix well, let sit for 15 min), 4 tbsp coconut oil, 4 ripe mashed bananas, 1/2 cup rice/soy/almond/… milk. We also added a chopped apple.

Put the two together,
you’ve got yourself a pancake dough.
And off you go 🙂

The orig. recipe calls for 1 tbsp sugar instead of the date mixture and 2 eggs instead of flax-eggs. Seperating the yokes from the egg whites and beating the latter until they reach a foamy stiff consistency before adding the eggs to the wet ingredients will add additional fluffiness.


The recipe suggests enjoying the pancakes with salted butter and maple syrup. We just used an apple sauce sprinkled with cinnamon.

I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we did 🙂

Happy Easter! DSCF1835

PS If you are looking for more tasty sounding pancake recipes, check out: ambitiouskitchen.com … trying out her recipes is on my personal “to-enjoy” list 🙂

Photo Vista


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There is something about turning on the computer to discover those little sweet treasures that have been engraved on your camera’s memory card…

Don’t we all crave to create???



I was motivated to pick up my camera and take some photographs after watching a video of Chase Jarvis interviewing Brené Brown the other day.
Chase is a photographer and Brené a qualitative researcher. I enjoy Chase’s vibe and feel inspired by Brené’s work (some of you may have seen her TED talk about vulnerability).




I do dream of discovering that medium of art which is a good fit for me (like Chase found photography and Brené her research) … to recognize which medium of art – of creativity – lets me most authentically and passionately express my(-)self.

Have you found yours??

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DSCF1738The pictures were taken in and around Café Wilhelm Moltke in Freiburg.


Raw Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream


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Just in time for late summer …


Peal those utterly ripe bananas of yours with them beautiful brown spots and put them in the freezer …. once ‘consolidated’ add some cardamom, cinnamon, carob or cacao powder, perhaps some rice milk or water as well …
and mix it up 😉


For extra sweetness: Add dates!

Enjoy ♥

Eggplant and Ginger Risotto Lunch


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Hey there!

Today I would like to share some photos of a risotto dish with you that a friend of mine and I made for lunch yesterday.

The recipe that I got from the German natural foods magazine “Schrot & Korn” was simply called “Risotto mit Ingwer und Auberginen” (Risotto with Ginger and Eggplant).

We used the following ingredients: Ginger, garlic, onion, eggplant, lemon (juice and zest), veggie broth, olive oil, risotto rice, goat cream cheese, spring onion, fresh basil (we used fresh parcley), salt, and pepper.

I enjoyed the fresh scent of the lemon juice and zest in this dish.
Visually I had one small critique: You could see the little tiny dots of the flocculated goat cream cheese … but hey, I am not one to mind that sort of thing … and when I reheated it the following day, you could barely see it anymore.

You can turn this dish into a vegan one very easily if you leave out the goat cream cheese and then simply top it with some nutritional yeast or if you have access to something like a sour cream alternative product made of fermented soy beans and high quality plant based oils. Or make a dressing out of white almond butter, lemon, and water …..

If you are interested in the measurements and/or the instructions of preparation, let me know and I’ll write it in the comments 😉



Have a great day guys! 🙂