♥ Colourful Easy Winter Salad ♥


Hey guys,

I am excited about this post.

The pictures turned out nicely and I just love these colours 🙂


here is a quick ‘n’ easy recipe for a refreshing and nourishing winter salad.

Your first ingredient is the beautiful, deep green field salad (Valerianella). In German it is called Feldsalat or Rapunzel. It contains many vitamins and minerals.

Cold temperatures intensify the field salad’s aroma. Therefore, it is a typical winter green in Germany. It is available roughly from November until May. If this green is not accessible in your part of the world, substitute it with some baby spinach or any other green that you are enjoying at the moment.

Next, we need some fresh carrots.

I got some Purple Haze carrots at the market. This type of carrot is a hyprid. It has a full and sweet aroma and the purple outer layer with its orange center is just another piece of art of nature. It “mirrors the original color of carrots cultivated in Afghanistan 5,000 years ago” (Source).

When you cook these carrots they lose much of their purple colour.

First, wash the field salad which
– as some of you know –
can be a little time intensive but worth it.

Then, grate your carrots.


Once you’ve arranged the two ingredients on your plate
– perhaps you want to mix the salad together with the carrots –
sprinkle some soaked hazelnuts, or hemp seeds
and chopped up pieces of a broccoli stem on top.



In conclusion, either use your favourite dressing,
or try this simple recipe:

Tahini (raw or roasted)
Olive oil
Fresh lemon juice
Apple cider vinegar
A sweetener of your choice
(e.g. honey, agave nectar, or date paste*)

I didn’t mention any measurements because I usually improvise.
However, do let me know if you’d like some information on this.

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe as much as I did.
I would love to hear your feedback!


* Make your own date paste by soaking some dates for about an hour with just enough water to cover them. Blend the mixture.


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