♥ Fresh Grain and Fruit Breakfast ♥


Hey there!

Let’s get right to it 😉

Like the title sais, this dish consists of both fresh grains and fruit. You are free to use whole grains containing gluten such as wheat, barley, and rye. Kamut and spelt are also part of this group of grains that contain gluten since they are both ancient species of wheat.

Glutenfree grains that you can use are amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, and millet. Millet has high amounts of iron and silica, which helps strengthen nails and hair.

If we are making this dish for breakfast, we start with the preparations the night before.

• Coarsely grind the wheat, barley, spelt, or any of the other gluten grains. You can grind the glutenfree grains as well but it is not required.
• Cover the grains with water (1/2 cup of grains, 1/4-1/3 cup of water) and leave in room temperature with a plate covering the bowl. In the morning, you can drain the excess water if there is any. When buckwheat is used, it usually expands and absorbes quite a bit of the water.
• Next, cut up your fruit (e.g. a pear), add some fresh lemon juice and mix everything together. I like smushing bananas into a mousse to then mix well with the grains and the rest of the fruit. Apples I like to grate. In the summer, add some fresh berries.
• Add some cinnamon and/or cardamom to taste.

And here is the non-vegan, non-raw ingredient that you can add as well: Organic, non-sweetened, freshly whipped cream. Perhaps you have access to raw cream, which is an option if you get it from a farmer with healthy cows and high hygienic standards. Or you simply use a type of vegan cream, such as an oat, soy, or rice based one. I personally only use vegan creams like that once in a while since they are, in the end, relatively highly processed foods.
I would love to hear your opinion on that 😉

Enjoy the tulips, just in time for tomorrow’s beginning of spring.

♥ Gesine



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