♥ Energizing Smoothie ♥


This energizing smoothie is all about ripe fruit, sweet flavour, and natural fruit sugars.

Ripe fruit is more alkalizing than unripe fruit and has much more flavour and sweetness 🙂


You will need the following ingredients:

– 1 cantaloupe
– 2 oranges or 4 mandarine oranges (~ 250ml / 1 cup of fresh orange juice)

Cut the cantaloupe in half, take out the seeds, and spoon the fruit flesh into your blender.
Once you have juiced your oranges, add the fresh juice. You may use the leftover fruit flesh from juicing if you wish (more fibre ;)).

Try personal variations by either adding greens such as celery (great sodium source), fennel (calms anxiety), or cilantro (helps with heavy metal detox) or by using another type of citrus.

A great time to enjoy this smoothie is on an empty stomach in the morning, at least half an hour after you have hydrated yourself with some water or lemon water. You can also increase the absorbability of these simple fruit sugars by exercising prior.


Perhaps you have heard of drinking your solids and chewing your liquids?
Even though it’s easy to gulp this thing down, your stomach will be happy if you have given your food the chance to be predigested in your mouth by “chewing your liquids” and mixing in those salivary digestive enzymes.

Practicing to eat in a state of calm and gratefulness also helps to optimize digestion.

EnJoY ♥ I’d love to hear about your personal variation.


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