Eggplant and Ginger Risotto Lunch

Hey there!

Today I would like to share some photos of a risotto dish with you that a friend of mine and I made for lunch yesterday.

The recipe that I got from the German natural foods magazine “Schrot & Korn” was simply called “Risotto mit Ingwer und Auberginen” (Risotto with Ginger and Eggplant).

We used the following ingredients: Ginger, garlic, onion, eggplant, lemon (juice and zest), veggie broth, olive oil, risotto rice, goat cream cheese, spring onion, fresh basil (we used fresh parcley), salt, and pepper.

I enjoyed the fresh scent of the lemon juice and zest in this dish.
Visually I had one small critique: You could see the little tiny dots of the flocculated goat cream cheese … but hey, I am not one to mind that sort of thing … and when I reheated it the following day, you could barely see it anymore.

You can turn this dish into a vegan one very easily if you leave out the goat cream cheese and then simply top it with some nutritional yeast or if you have access to something like a sour cream alternative product made of fermented soy beans and high quality plant based oils. Or make a dressing out of white almond butter, lemon, and water …..

If you are interested in the measurements and/or the instructions of preparation, let me know and I’ll write it in the comments 😉



Have a great day guys! 🙂


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