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There is something about turning on the computer to discover those little sweet treasures that have been engraved on your camera’s memory card…

Don’t we all crave to create???



I was motivated to pick up my camera and take some photographs after watching a video of Chase Jarvis interviewing Brené Brown the other day.
Chase is a photographer and Brené a qualitative researcher. I enjoy Chase’s vibe and feel inspired by Brené’s work (some of you may have seen her TED talk about vulnerability).




I do dream of discovering that medium of art which is a good fit for me (like Chase found photography and Brené her research) … to recognize which medium of art – of creativity – lets me most authentically and passionately express my(-)self.

Have you found yours??

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DSCF1738The pictures were taken in and around Café Wilhelm Moltke in Freiburg.