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Hi everyone!

It has been quite some time since my blog has unconciously been laid to rest.

So I decided to wake it up from its nap, to see if we are still a good match  🙂


Nowadays, there are many people sharing their personal stories via networks such as the internet.
2 reasons for this that come to mind are

1 – the digital networks that we have access to have given us the opportunity to connect with so many more people at once than we ever have before,

2 – many subjects that were once tabu can now be talked about more openly.

Feel invited to elaborate on those and/or add others!


Is anyone of you taking part in this movement – sharing your personal story online?
What are the up and downsides that you have encountered in this experience?

I have played with the thought to start blogging about very personal subjects countless times and have had some attempts at it on facebook, here on my blog, youtube, and vimeo. Put I never ended up pulling through with any of it. Here, I have shared recipes and such but not yet much about emotional experiences in depth.

Sharing intimate thoughts and having no idea who will be on the other end reading them can be scary.
Have you found this as well? And for those of you, who are doing it anyway, has it been worth it?

I keep on second guessing myself, if it is a good idea …
But no matter how many positive, negative, neutral, or whatever scenarios that one plays in their head about what could happen, I guess, one can never truly find out until they have actually tried it and been consistent with it for some time, right!?
So I may as well give it another shot …


I have just started taking part in an intensive summer program at an institution dedicated to helping people overcome cognitive weaknesses.
I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to take part in this program. AND…
I am overwhelmed! To say the least.

Not only by the course but the combination of it along with being far away from home, friends, and family, and to be here with a body, mind, and soul that have been experiencing chronic pain, depressive phases, stress symptoms, anxiety, etc. for several years now.

In order to get my mind off of the challenges this particular situation is presenting me with, I spend some of my evenings watching videos from a young artist who shares her work on YouTube:
Shameless Maya.

Once upon a time, Maya embarked on a journey to shamelessly self-promote herself for an entire year. This self-experiment sent her on a wild journey to reach for her dreams by starting a YouTube channel, creating her own brand, launching a website, and eventually growing a business that enables her to make a living by doing the things she truly enjoyes while staying true to herself.
Fascinating!? I think so. But NOT easy breezy…

She had to pass through many trials. But she had a strong longing for a better life and kept on pushing through.

Maya talks about “the greats” – like many inspirational personalities of our time do – and how to utilize their stories as examples for inspiration to our own lives when we face challenges. Characters who never gave up. Figures who somehow had a drive to, no matter how much rejection, adversity, difficulties they faced, keep on persevering.

Keep on persevering!