Furry Balls

By chance, I ended up in a store yesterday.
Not any old store.
A fancy store.
A really fancy store.
A type of store that I may set foot in once a year for god knows what reason and then leave again after a short while without having bought a thing.
A kind of store that Victoria Beckham sells her clothing line at.
Well, not Victoria herself.
But you know what I mean!

There, a wacky, funky looking coat with multicolored fur balls sewed to it caught my eye. Carefully, curious to see what the price of this unique piece could be, I turned the price tag over to take a look. My jaw dropped a little when I read the figures. Let’s just say, it was a 4-digit number that I had not expected.

What can I say?! I am not used to clothes costing that kind of dough  🙂

Furry Balls


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