Food and Healing


As I was taking pictures of a freshly cooked beautiful meal, I remembered the time when I regularly  wrote about recipes on MyGreenPony.

I started to reminisce…

It was all about vegan dishes back then, prevalently raw. I was immersing myself in the teachings of the raw foods community and was fascinated by it. Though today I would advise caution to take certain information spread within the community with a grain of salt!!
A lot has happened since then. My search for a way of eating that would support my health (physical and mental) has led me from


raw foodism
vegetarian whole foodism,
chaotic eating anything-ism,
the paleo and ketogenic diets, to
– at the moment –
a not completely strict,
non-vegetarian whole foods diet.


Over time, I came across so many different types of success stories and slowly started to realize that there was no “one right way” for everyone.

A woman who had healed from fibromyalgia with the help of sticking to a vegan diet. Cancers that had been healed when patients who’s metabolism type had been tested accordingly e.g. encorporated more meat into their diets, rather than less (Important note here: Only under very specific circumstances and in combination with other healing modalities!).

There were countless testaments to how different types of diet and other lifestyle changes had the potential to help heal people’s ailments. As most of us probably know, the food we eat isn’t the only important factor to healing.
But that’s a subject for another day and time …




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