A Fork in the Road and the Art of Decision Making


Last week, I decided that I would create a little blogging challenge for myself …

First idea:
Write one blog post a day for 7 days in a row.
A very highly set goal for someone like me who likes to over-think, has perfectionistic tendencies, and doesn’t work well under pressure 🙂

Second idea:
Write 5 blog posts this week.
The last one being about the challenge itself …

It is day 5 of the challenge and I have published 3 articles, this one being the third …

Through this experiment I am realizing – just one more time out of millions it seems – that putting a time limit on things makes me “go crazy” … which has been a big problem for me in this day and age as time has become a limited resource in many places.

The article that I am sharing here is a draft that didn’t end up published (up until now). I am sharing the text even though I have that feeling of it not being well-rounded or “finished” and am posting it in the spirit of my one week blogging challenge 🙂

Decisions. Many of them. Every day. For each and every one of us.

Do you feel confident with the majority of the decisions you make?

Surely, the source of my personal – in phases emerging – deep insecurity in regards to decision-making lies in past experiences.
Perhaps the frequent occurrence of moving homes in my childhood and adolescence is one factor that has contributed to a general and familiar uneasiness when it comes to life changes and the decisions that they entail.

The “gift” of freedom of choice. Obviously, I am not the first to ponder this subject. How free are we really in our choices is a question that many have philosophised about. And thereafter, to which degree does our fate really lie in our own hands?



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