The Results Are In

Though a week late, here my wrap-up post of my one-week blogging challenge.

To conclude my one-week blogging challenge (see last post), I want to share the realizations and thoughts that came up. The challenge was to, within one week, write 5 blog posts, the last one talking about the challenge itself.
I had spontaneously declared this in the final week of my summer holidays.

As I said in the last post: “For someone like me who likes to over-think, has perfectionistic tendencies, and doesn’t work well under pressure” it was a hard task. And to clean my slate right here and now: I didn’t achieve what I had set out to do.

I published 3 articles last week and my final one – the you’re reading right now – has arrived one week late.

The good thing is, even though I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t achieve my goal, by listening to what people like Scott Dinsmore (creator of Live Your Legend – Scott passed away in 2015) and Gary Vaynerchuk have said about “failing” I am beginning to adopt a mindset that “failure” is something that need not be avoided at all costs. “Failures” are here for us to learn and grow from (obviously this can be much easier said than done).

Some of the reflections:

  • I actually like writing and blogging 🙂
    Even though I knew this before, the challenge gave me more of an immediate experience
  • Daily blogging is not a good fit for me.
    I don’t like rushing things (but a regular writing practice is important),  I’m someone who needs time and calmness to really get clear on what I want to say through an article and how to structure and word it.



2 Replies to “The Results Are In”

  1. I think blogging has helped me be less of a perfectionist. I used to spend hours working on my blog posts to make sure they were just right. it was painful. Then I would publish them and notice a typo or something 5 minutes later. I realized that with blogs, you can always go back and edit, or even delete entirely, content you don’t like. So I stopped worrying about it being just right, and just focused on making it good enough, and then going back and making edits when needed. 🙂

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