Hello Again Gastritis … What’s for Breakfast Today?

As I am dealing with yet another gastric flare up I have been waking up in the mornings, just not sure what to make myself for breakfast anymore.

After having experimented with buckwheat, millet, rice flake, quinoa, amaranth, and polenta porridge I had a phase in which I ate oatmeal porridge for several months straight. It was the most soothing to my stomach and incredibly easy and quick to make. By now, my body as seen enough of it.

To the porridge I would add one or a combination of the following:

  • coconut or flax seed oil
  • self-made apple and/or pear sauce (recipe from Sage Howard’s free leaky gut cookbook) or a low acid jam made with agave syrup from the health food store (either one, only if Mr. Tums could tolerate it)
  • banana (any type of food remotely high in acid I couldn’t tolerate – another low acid fruit is papaya)
  • nut or seed butter (peanut, almond, sesame, sunflower seed, …)
  • good quality protein powder (usually, if I didn’t add a good source of protein, I wouldn’t get satisfied and soon after breaky get hungry again)

This University Health News article talks about protein as well, in the sense that “many people find that they can relieve or prevent gastritis symptoms by avoiding a high-carbohydrate diet of processed foods (…)  Instead, opt for a whole foods diet with plenty of protein, natural fats (not processed vegetable oils), and produce.”

In my case, stress management is a huge factor in keeping my tummy stable. The University Health News article also goes into depth on the causes of gastritis.

When I have sugar cravings during a flare up I go for something mild like rice cakes with coconut oil and agave syrup on top, or sometimes a couple of slices light flour spelt bread with butter and honey. Agave syrup mixed in with sheep curd would sometimes also satisfy a bit of that sweet tooth. However, in phases in which the stomach lining is very aggravated even these options can be too much for Mr. Tums.

Today, I am eating congee for breakfast for the first time.
I made a big pot of it yesterday.


Congee is a sort of Asian rice porridge. Dana Veldon’s article on thekitchn.com describes the gist of it and includes a basic congee recipe. My improvised version turned out to be basic congee with a bit of salt, butter, and tofu. There is lots of room to be creative with this dish. Use it as a base and add anything that you tolerate well.

Over the past year, I tried so many different natural remedies – such as potato, cabbage, or aloe vera juice, healing clay, and many more – that made my symptoms worse even though they are known to help alleviate symptoms of gastritis.

One natural remedy that sometimes helps is a mixture of ground flaxseeds (1-2 tbsp.) with water (1,5 cups) soaked over night. Mix it well before drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach. Add a little bit of hot water to turn the whole mixture into a lukewarm concoction. The same goes for Blue Mallow (Blaue Malve) tea. It is made by soaking the dried leaves in cold water for anywhere from 1 to 8 hours (one source said 1-2 hrs, another 8), after straining, add some hot water to turn it lukewarm and drink. Liquids and foods that are even slightly too hot or too cold can cause an upset tummy amidst a gastritis.

What I have been learning through this condition is to:

Be creative! Listen to your body! Practice patience, mindfulness, persistence, and as it sais in the picture at the top of the article – Chew well!!!

This way, the food we ingest is mechanically broken down into smaller pieces and the digestive enzymes in our mouth are mixed in with the food so it is better prepared for the rest of our digestive tract. This way, stomach as well as intestines don’t get as overloaded.


If you have any other gastritis-friendly breakfast ideas,
please share them with us in the comments section!



What I describe here is based on my personal experience and research.
I am not a certified health care practitioner.



8 Replies to “Hello Again Gastritis … What’s for Breakfast Today?”

  1. ah love this post!! my gastritis is acting up right now and i have no idea what to do, not sure if i should go buy zantac right now because it only helps sometimes for me. i love slippery elm pills, coats the lining of the stomach and it literally helps so much!

    1. Hey Beauty Stage! 🙂
      Thanks very much for your comment!!
      Yes, I know so well what you are going through …
      Did you end up taking slippery elm again this time around? I have often read that slippery elm is supposed to be great for gastritis but haven’t tried it myself.

      1. i did but my gastritis pain was soo bad i ended up throwing up the pills this time, the pain lasted for like 5 days! i heard pepto bismol is really good because it coats the stomach, just like the slippery elm

  2. Hope your tumny feels better lately.

    I love my oatmeal with yoghurt, nuts, choco chips :p and sometimes fresh or dried fruit. Btw, do try congee with ginger, diced carrots, chicken stock, and shredded chicken (if you’re non-vegan-am not sure, sorry..)- it’s how my mummy always cooked it for me (yes, I’m Asian 😂). Enjoy!

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