Several years ago, I took a seminar in which for the first time I consciously heard of the concept to “dream big”. At some point, I also came across the “law of attraction” movement. I distanced myself from it again after experiencing more pain than good, yet I still felt that valuable lessons could be learned from the teachings. What stuck with me, was that things can be possible that you once thought were not. But if deep down, you would not allow yourself to bring good things into your life because for some reason you felt unworthy of love and all the other beautiful things that life has to offer, the inner saboteur could do a good job at keeping those things away.

For me, it is a journey of holistic health that I involuntarily found myself on. After having quit my university studies prematurely due to chronic pain, back in 2008, an odysee of therapies, practitioners, and psychosomatic symptoms started. Anxiety and depression soon became part of my everyday life.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that if I want my life to fundamentally change for the better, I can’t depend on going to therapy once a week.

My Green Pony started out as a “place” where I would share my experiments and experiences with nutrition. Even though I have since shifted my focus, nutrition is still an important pillar for me. My great hope is that this blog may aid me in my own healing and how great would it be for it to be helpful for other’s as well …

Some of my biggest “wishes” are to gradually feel more and more comfortable in my own skin, develop a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence, to live a life with less and less anxiety, to feel more and more comfortable in the presence of others, and have the ability to open my heart more and more again to let meaningful, authentic connection happen.

I post articles on this blog, not only with the mindset that suffering can be transformed through creativity but also to reach out with the great hope to come into contact with you and hear your feedback on the topics I write about.

Therefore I want to encourage you to leave comments and share your thoughts with the rest of us. Subscribe to get an update in your inbox when new posts are published 🙂

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Unless specified, the photos that you see on this blog are self-taken.



The content of My Green Pony is for general purposes only and expresses the views and opinions of the author. My Green Pony does not take responsibility for external links nor its content. Users must take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.



3 Replies to “ABOUT”

  1. Thanks for the like only own wee blog, really appreciated. Getting into digital photography can be heaps of fun as I am finding out. You live in a beautiful corner of Europe. MM 🍀

    1. Thank you John!
      The sentence that on your awards page: “’Inner Peace’ is something that I have struggled to find over many years but I feel that I am now there” is inspiring… I am working hard on this every day as well.

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