Melancholic Dinner

What to do when you miss your brother and can’t reach him?


Make a meal that he taught you how to make!

A simple and delicious salad with batavia leaves, orange pepper bits, tomato slices (with tasty tomatoes out of my roomates’ parents’ garden), and fried tofu with spices, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a balsamic and olive oil dressing …



Blueberry Banana Goodness


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Today I want to share with you two very simple, tasty recipes …


First, a blueberry-banana-chlorella smoothie recipe.

Take 3/4 a cup of organic soy milk, one 250 g carton of fresh blueberries (substitute with frozen berries if you don’t have fresh ones), 3 ripe bananas, and 1 tsp of chlorella (use spirulina or barley gras powder as alternatives). And blend!
You can also add a spice such as cinnamon, cardamom, or vanilla if you like.

To be honest, I enjoy the simple recipes the most … fancy can be exciting and new, but in the end … if we have access to RIPE fruit, we don’t necessarily need to top nature’s creations … a spice here and there is a great way to add another dimension to the bouquet of aromas that our fruit is already gifting us with.

The second recipe is a naturally sweet and refreshing snack for a beautiful hot summer day:

Banana Blueberry Ice Cream


All I did was peel and break up about 4 ripe bananas, put them in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. Once they were frozen, I added them along with some frozen blueberries, 3-4 heaping tsp of coconut sugar and 1 heaping tsp of vanilla powder in the food processor. When you put all the ingredients into your food processor you may add some water or soy/nut milk to get a nice and creamy consistency.

Since I had a bottle of orange-mango sauce handy, I poured that on top. You can make your own sauce by simply blending one mango, the juice of 2 large oranges, 1 or 2 medjool dates, some cinnamon and a bit of water.

A typical and simple raw ice cream recipe that you can also try is “chocolate ice cream” by processing frozen bananas with cacao or carob powder.

I hope you are enjoying the sun and do share your favourite healthy ice cream creations with us 🙂

The Next Step


Hi everyone!

With this blog post I would like to try something new.
Up until this point, I wasn’t too keen on writing about personal issues on this blog. But today I would like to just go for it and see what happens. I am inspired by other bloggers who use their website as a platform to share quite personal subjects with their readers. A blog that I discovered today: Shay’s “Life, Love & Kids”.


At the moment, I find myself in yet another personal orientation phase (I have definitely had my share, even though I’m only in my late 20s). This re-orientation is encompassing career, love, my living situation, and a general vision for my life.

A few months ago, I decided to leave my job working as a customer service representative. I enjoyed the work for the most part, though I had difficulties handeling the full-time workload. After leaving my job, I worked up the courage to fulfill one of my dreams: To travel to Costa Rica and visit a raw foods healing center (the pictures you see in this post were all taken there). The journey was an inspiring and enriching one and I ended up returning home feeling transformed.


I had heard from countless sources that adopting a raw food livestyle not only enables the body to heal itself but that transformation on a spiritual level was also a common occurrence. Of course it wasn’t only the food that had brought about a certain transformation in me. Meeting all the wonderful people on my trip as well as spending most of the time outside away from the multitude of stimuli of modern life, soaking up sunlight, breathing fresh air, walking barefoot, and spending time doing yoga, meditating, and contemplating was all part of the process.


A month and a half has passed since my trip. And even though I am still enjoying the remnants of this profound transformation, I must admit, keeping up my motivation and perserverance to create a blissful life is a challenge … and for many of us, I am sure it is.
My goal is to live my life with a strong sense of inner peace, fulfillment, connection, trust, love, and joy (who wouldn’t want that, right!?).


The idea of continuing to write articles about my personal journey very much appeals to me. Naturally, I don’t know what the effect of this step will be. But that is all part of the excitement, isn’t it 🙂
Hence, I would really appreciate to hear your – my beautiful small community of readers – feedback about this endeavor.
Have a beautiful day ♥

♥ Strawberry Banana Spoothie ♥


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Hey guys 🙂

Have you ever heard of a “spoothie”?
As far as I know, Eric Rivkin from Viva la Raw coined the term and it simply is: A smoothie that you don’t drink but spoon out of a bowl (you could call it a custard or pudding too 🙂 ). You make the mixture nice and thick adding some slices of fresh fruit to make it look beautiful.

I am sure many of you are just as glad as I am that strawberry season has begun. For this simple Strawberry Banana Spoothie I used one 250g carton of strawberries, 5 ripe medium sized bananas, a bunch of cilantro, as well as some cacao powder.

To create your own variation you could add the following:

• dates (soaked or unsoaked)
• a green or herb of your choice (e.g. peppermint, basil, lemon balm, spinach, swiss chard, celery, bok choy, …)
• cacao (powder or nibs), carob, cinnamon, cardamom, maca, or moringa
• young thai coconut meat


EnJoY ♥

♥ Energizing Smoothie ♥


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This energizing smoothie is all about ripe fruit, sweet flavour, and natural fruit sugars.

Ripe fruit is more alkalizing than unripe fruit and has much more flavour and sweetness 🙂


You will need the following ingredients:

– 1 cantaloupe
– 2 oranges or 4 mandarine oranges (~ 250ml / 1 cup of fresh orange juice)

Cut the cantaloupe in half, take out the seeds, and spoon the fruit flesh into your blender.
Once you have juiced your oranges, add the fresh juice. You may use the leftover fruit flesh from juicing if you wish (more fibre ;)).

Try personal variations by either adding greens such as celery (great sodium source), fennel (calms anxiety), or cilantro (helps with heavy metal detox) or by using another type of citrus.

A great time to enjoy this smoothie is on an empty stomach in the morning, at least half an hour after you have hydrated yourself with some water or lemon water. You can also increase the absorbability of these simple fruit sugars by exercising prior.


Perhaps you have heard of drinking your solids and chewing your liquids?
Even though it’s easy to gulp this thing down, your stomach will be happy if you have given your food the chance to be predigested in your mouth by “chewing your liquids” and mixing in those salivary digestive enzymes.

Practicing to eat in a state of calm and gratefulness also helps to optimize digestion.

EnJoY ♥ I’d love to hear about your personal variation.



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Hey y’all,

I’m feeling so grateful for the beautiful sunshine today.

So I decided to post a recipe for one of my new favourite sunny, fruity, sweet snacks:

Fruit Soup!


You will need the following ingredients:

– 1/2 of a large papaya
– 1/3 of a ripe pineapple
– 2 or 3 sweet oranges

Equipment needed:

– cutting board
– kitchen knife
– blender or food processor

 And here is how it’s done:

First, cut your papaya in two and take all the seeds out. From what I have heard the seeds are extremely healthy, apparently some people buy papayas only for their seeds. So, you can use the seeds (e.g. dehydrate them and use them as pepper corns) or throw them (on the compost). They have a bitter taste.

Next, take the skin off of the papaya and roughly chop 2/3  to put into your blender or food processor. Take the other 1/3 and chop into small or large cubes. Do the same with your third of a pineapple, also using the ratio 2:1, putting 2 parts in the blender or food processor and chopping up the other part. Then peel the oranges and put them in your blending/processing device.

Combine chopped pieces of fruit with the sauce in a bowl.

Feel free to play with the ratio and the amount of fruit that you want to use. I personally don’t like putting more pineapple into the mixture because it makes my tongue feel weird 🙂 This also depends on the ripeness of the fruit.

Chris Kendall, who I discovered fruit soups from, has a whole bunch of different recipes as well.

EnJoY ♥



♥ Post Costa Rica Green Juice ♥


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2 days ago, I came back from an incredible trip to Costa Rica. I feel extremely grateful and blessed that I was able to go on this trip!

Thank you Chris Kendall, Ashley Clark, Brian and Jody Calvi, Melanie Lotos, Amanda Froelich, Jack Seidler, as well as the rest of the TRA Raw Food Culinary Skills Retreat participants for an amazing time!!


Having learned numerous tipps and tricks to be applied in the raw food kitchen, the following is one that I am particularly excited about. It allows you to make green juices without having to buy an expensive twin gear juicer  😀


The following recipe yields about half a litre of tasty, vibrant, refreshing green juice full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients:

– 3/4 cucumber
– 1 bunch of parsley
– half a bulb of fennel
– 2 stalks of celery
– 2 sweet apples
– optional: 1/2 cup of water


If you don’t have a juicer, the equipment needed comprises a high speed blender (or a food processor as well as an average speed blender) as well as a nutmilk bag.

Using a high speed blender, it will be no problem for you to blend all the ingredients roughly pre-chopped. My blender didn’t take this so well (in the process, our wooden spatula was seriously injured as I attempted to use it as a tamper). When using an average speed blender simply put all the ingredients in a food processor beforehand (or chop everything really finely with a kitchen knife) and then blend. Subsequently, pour the mix into a nutmilk bag that is placed in a container big enough to catch all the juice that you will then be “milking” from the bag.

If you don’t have a nutmilk bag handy, use anything from a clean fabric such as a kitchen towel, stocking, cheese cloth, or old t-shirt to fine mesh nylon.





The leftover pulp can be used to make raw crackers, baked muffins, or any other creative purpose you find for it 😉

EnJoY ♥

Blogging Break and Raw Carrot Sweets with Orange Icing


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Hi everyone!
Just to let you know, I’ll be on a trip for about 4 weeks and will most likely not have much internet access during this time. Therefore, this may be my last blog post for a little while.
I wish you all a beautiful spring (depending on where you are on the planet 😉 ) as well as strength, peace, and clearity …
Take care ♥


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram made these delicious sweets for her 26th birthday. I made them for my 28th.

(see original recipe here)

The ingredients are:

“Cupcake” base

• 2-3 cups shredded carrots
• 1,5 cups Medjool dates (pitted)
• 1/2 cup soaked almonds (6-12 hrs)* the original recipe calls for – unsoaked – walnuts
• half an inch, pincky-width sized piece of fresh ginger
• cinnamon
• a bit of turmeric
• a pinch of salt


• 1-2 cups soaked cashews (2-3 hrs)
• 1/2 to 1 cup Medjool dates (pitted)
• 1/2 tsp vanilla
• fresh (unpasteurized) juice of 1-2 large oranges or 2-4 small oranges

Equipment needed:

• Food processor
• Blender
• Optional: Cupcake liners
• Optional: Piping bag or ziplock bag

First, shred the carrots in the food processor, then add the rest of the base ingredients and process to a cookie dough consistency. Either fill cupcake liners with dough or simple roll dough to plum sized balls between your hands and squeeze them down into a little burger like shape. Put these in the fridge for about an hour or in the freezer for 15 min if you are in a rush.

Next, blend the ingredients for the icing. Once the base of the sweets has firmed up, take them out of the fridge and use a spatula or piping bag (you can easily make one by cutting a small hole into a corner of a ziplock bag) to decorate the sweets.


The base turned out a bit soft. *Perhaps because I used soaked almonds instread of unsoaked walnuts.
OR it could be worth a try to reduce the nut measurement to 1/3 of a cup and therefore add 1 -1 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil which will help with hardening up the dough. If someone wants to give that a try and report their results that’d be awesome 😉

Alright everyone,
see y’all soon!
♥ G.