♥ OJ Pineapple Parcley Smoothie ♥

  Juice ripe and sweet oranges (5-7 of regular/large size give 3/4-1l of juice). Then mix in a big packed handful of smooth parcley and 1/2 cup of ripe pineapple. This is D.licious and Nu.tritious 🙂 EnJoY ♥


♥ Cherimoya ♥

Yummy, ripe, sweet, and juicy. ♥                                                                                                   

♥ Tuesday Smoothie ♥

Today's smoothie is simple, delicious, and nutritious! Here are the ingredients: 2 ripe bananas 1 apple 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 bundle cilantro Water (amount depends on desired consitency) Add some dates if you like it sweeter. Directions: Blend. 😉 And enjoy!